I have made these in an apartment kitchen, though, admittedly, one with much better ventilation than the kitchen i have now. The smell of roasted peppers lingers for days. this is a method i got from my ex, who is from albuquerque and used to buying roasted chilis in 50lb sacks.

we got some big green anaheim peppers from the market, (get hatch chiles if you can, but almost everyone has anaheims) and roasted them over low heat, gas, not electric! with one of these:

It is slow going, and totally destroys the steamer basket for use with anything else, but roasts the peppers really well. keep turning them with tongs so they cook evenly. eventually the skins will go papery and they're probably close to done. If you just want the meat out of them, roast them until the skins are totally charred, chill them in ice water, and the skins peel right off.

If you do a lot, you can freeze them whole.

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