Viral media startup by vets of Moveon, Facebook, The Onion looking for a CTO

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Chief Technology Officer Job Description


In January 2012, veterans of The Onion, MoveOn, and Facebook are joining together to launch a viral media startup that will spread important, compelling ideas to hundreds of millions of people online and make being a progressive fun again. Our first round of funding is complete – now we need a great CTO to hit the ground running.


We’re looking for a brilliant technologist with vision, great coding chops, strong people and recruitment skills, and the ability to work at light speed.

You’ll be part of a small core leadership team bringing a new kind of mission-driven, highly scalable media site into the world from scratch. You will determine how to build, integrate and scale technology for the company, starting in the “dollars are precious” pre-A-round era. And you’ll collaborate on product and business strategy with other C-level leaders on the team.

Among your responsibilities:

·      Determine the core technologies and platforms for the site

·      Manage organization structure and sequencing of team

·      Make build/buy decisions

·      Manage technology budget

·      Help shape product

Bottom line, we believe that the media company of the future will be as much a tech company as an editorial process. We’re looking for a partner to realize that vision.


If this describes you, let's talk:

·      You’re eager to dive in and help build the first iteration of the product.

·      You’ve built and scaled successful web products before

·      You have experience across a variety of languages and data stores, and in building Agile teams

·      You have Interest or experience in machine learning and analytics

·      You love recruiting, managing, and building a great team – but you’re also not afraid to get your hands dirty and dive into the code yourself.

·      You’re game to take as much off of the shelf as possible to scale the business quickly, build where it makes sense, and understand the trade-offs for each decision.

·      You’re a clear, crisp communicator and decider.

·      You’re creative, love a good challenge, and have a “we can build anything” mentality.

·      You’ve got  a good sense of humor – even (especially!) when the going gets tough.

·      You want to build a product that users love and that makes a dent in the universe.


Anywhere in the U.S. -- we run a virtual office, and collaborate online. (If that stresses you out, apply anyway. We're very good at replicating the best parts of office life in a virtual setting.)


Competitive, with equity.


January, but flexible. No later than Feb 1, 2012.


Send a cover letter and a resume to ctojob[at]elipariser[dot]com. We're an equal opportunity employer.